What services do you need to successfully manage your business?

To gain access to advice and resources in all areas of employment law, keep on reading through this website!

The three main categories of these services are:

Tax Advice

A variety of taxes such as corporate, VAT, PAYE and income can be advised by a qualified accountant. Call 020 3008 7822 today for a free initial consultation.

If you are faced with any complex tax situations, then we suggest hiring an accountant with years of experience in the field. An accountant that has industry specific knowledge means you are sure to have a reliable and trustworthy individual taking charge of your taxes. For a tax advisor/accountant in London, see this website.

Preparing for the future by minimising risks and identifying issues within the organisation is the intention behind a tax advice service.

Employers Law

Decreasing the burden of your HR worries, clients can access an online resource hub, containing an employment law guide for every eventuality, and bespoke documentation.

Our employer legal advice provides professional support whenever you need it, while clients also get the latest guidance on any new or impending legislation affecting them.

Health and Safety at Work

Prepare for every eventuality with our health and safety business advice. Monitor paperwork and conduct an easy fire risk assessment with the much different software available.

Get in touch with one of our team at any time to ask a question. To help companies handle everyday health and safety duties, interactive and practical training sessions are also offered to clients.

Our approach to health and safety at work is personal: The recommendations and customised documentation you’ll receive are tailored specifically for your company, and a qualified consultant will visit your workplace to conduct a full inspection.

It’s important to record any accidents that happen so they can shape your future actions, but of course, the basis of a strong safety policy is going the extra mile to avoid incidents in the first place.

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